Hackerspace serving Rochester Minnesota

Next Meetings:

Friday, July 18th: 6pm-12am: Normal Night and Rocket Build!
Friday, July 25th: 6pm-12am: Normal Night!

Friday, August 1st: 6pm-12am: Normal Night!
August 8 - August 10th: LED Build Hackathon!
Friday, August 15th: TBD
Friday, August 22nd: 6pm-12am: Normal Night!
Saturday, August 23rd: Trip to Renn Fest!!
Friday, August 30th: 6pm-12am: Normal Night!

September 5 - September 7: Rabbit Hole Camping Trip!

Contact us on twitter at https://twitter.com/tymkrs
or via email at feedback@tymkrs.com
for more information

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